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Delicious Liquid Simulation FX Course by RedefineFX

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Do you find liquid simulations to be utterly fascinating and you’ve always wanted to learn how to make those slow-motion shots of chocolate pouring down? What if I told you it’s actually so fun, and and so addictive, you’ll probably be running them all-week-long once you get a taste? I’ve been running liquid sims with Phoenix since 2016, and in this first-of-its-kind course, I’ll walk you step-by-step through the process of creating beautiful viscous liquid simulations that are sure to impress your followers, elevate your portfolio and attract premium clients.

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“Before knowing RedefineFX, I had NEVER seen courses of this level! The lessons are always interesting and complete, easy to follow, and very importantly, complete lesson files are provided. I will also be taking the TyFlow course shortly. Thanks Jesse for your work and the constant help you give to your students.”

— Filippo-Maria Rotatori, RedefineFX enrolled student


chocolate pour phoenix fd

Chocolate Simulation Example

chocolate liquid simulation

Chocolate Simulation Example 2

phoenix fd chocolate

Chocolate Simulation Example 3 with Folding

phoenix fd

Bonus: Destruction & Liquid Burst with tyFlow

phoenix fd honey

Honey with Coiling + Bubbles

phoenix fd chocolate splash

Slow Motion Chocolate Splash

phoenix fd path follow

Multi-color Path Follow

phoenix fd milk

Pouring Milk Over a Chocolate Bar

phoenix fd mixing

Mixing Liquids with Different Colors

Cereal Floating in Milk (feat. tyFlow PhysX Fluid)

Variable Viscosity & Materials:  Assign 2 different materials to 2 emitters with different viscosities within 1 simulation

viscosity phoenix fd

Cupcake Frosting (Highly Viscous Simulations)

Gradually Melting Chocolate Based on Distance to Other Object

Gradually Hardening (Cooling Down) Melted Chocolate with The New Particle Tuner

Bonus Project File: Liquid Mercury

Strawberry & Chocolate 3D Models Included

By Enrolling in This Course You Will

  • Walk away with complete confidence to set-up & run any liquid simulation you can imagine
  • Expand your existing knowledge of Phoenix FD with viscous liquid sims
  • Learn from a Chaos Group Certified Instructor
  • Understand settings like viscosity, surface tension, non-newtonian, droplet breakup and more 
  • Learn how to mix liquids of various viscosities within one simulations & mix colors
  • Apply different materials to 2 liquid sources within one simulations
  • Understand the new Particle Tuner in Phoenix FD 4 to melt or harden liquids based on conditions
  • Learn how to make the simulations look appetizing & beautiful, with appropriate lighting, camera angles, materials, compositing & more
  • Create fun & popular effects such as multi-color Path Follow
  • Combine tyFlow destruction FX with Phoenix FD for a cool white chocolate burst shot
  • Use tyFlow’s new PhysX Fluid Operator to make cereal float in milk
  • Add bubbles to your liquid simulations, such as realistic Honey

Become one of the few people who can do this type of work

Everyone always talks about “finding a niche” and specializing in one thing. Liquid simulations are the perfect way to do that. There are so many opportunities and very few people who can do this work. Just look around and you’ll start seeing them everywhere, especially commercials for:

  • Deluxe Ice Creams (Magnum etc.)
  • Snack Bars (Snickers, Mars, Milky Way…)
  • Desserts (Cake mix, cupcakes)
  • Coffee & creamer
  • Milk & yogurts
  • Cereals and vitamins
  • Creams & various cosmetics
  • Oils (cooking oil, motor oil, brake fluid…)
  • NOT JUST FOOD: Mercury, metals
  • Medical animations (Blood, saliva, toxins mixing into each other)
  • Paint, Wax,
  • Industrial: e.g. filtration systems
  • And on and on and on…

Give Your Reel a High-End Feel

2 years ago I intentionally left a liquid simulation of chocolate pouring over a piece of cake (covered in this course) in my product rendering reel. Even though it technically has nothing to do with electronic products, I’ve had several clients mention that cake on the phone, wondering how I did that. One client actually told me “When I saw the cake I knew we had to work with you”.

Interesting! I thought to myself. It turns out that your personal brand is about a lot more than just your core skill. A lot of time, it’s the additional 10% you put in AFTER your core work is done that will push you above your competition. It was a lesson I’m glad I learned. Now I put liquid simulations & other premium FX everywhere, front and center. I realized that it gives me an elevated brand as a freelance artist. Something cool and unique that only very few others can do. 

At $197, this course is a minimal investment that has the potential to reap rewards worth 10x-100x the initial price. Imagine if having simulations like this in your reel helped you secure just one premium client. Wouldn’t that be worth it? I’m giving away everything I’ve learned in this course. Skills that have helped me earn tens of thousands of dollars in freelance CGI work. I’d love to teach you how. See you inside the course! – Jesse


Are you ready to get serious about upgrading your skills?

18 videos

13+ Unique Viscous Liquid FX shots

Project files included

Strawberry & Chocolate bar 3D models included

Learn from a Phoenix FD Certified Trainer

Fully edited lessons (no fluff)



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“First of all, a big THANK YOU for all your courses released so far. They’ve been invaluable for me and a real eye-opener when it comes to VFX.”

 –  Marcin Gaudi,  RedefineFX Enrolled Student

Your Instructor

Jesse Pitela is a Certified Phoenix FD Instructor, a Los Angeles-based CGI studio owner & award-winning VFX artist. His work has been showcased by every major computer-graphics website in the world, including CGSociety and Autodesk. He has extensive experience working with established VFX studios such as Resistance VFX, Chariotdrive & Riotmaker & his studio has created visuals for global clientele including Cristiano Ronaldo’s ROC, Western Digital, Shutterstock, and many others.

Got questions?

I'm completely new to all this, can I still follow?

I highly recommend you take the Phoenix FD Beginner Liquid Course prior to taking this one since we won’t be covering Phoenix as a whole, but rather only focus on viscous simulations. In that sense, this course is more of an expansion-pack to your existing Phoenix knowledge.

Are the 3D models included?

There is a highly detailed strawberry & chocolate bar included with the course. The cake & waffles are from the CG Axis Food Collection and can be purchased individually for $9/piece. The project files in this course include a dummy object that you can replace with any (food or other) 3D model that you like.

Are the project files included?

Yes. All of the project files are included so you can just open the file and look at my settings if at any point you’re stuck. Or you can just straight up use them for commercial work. All good with me.

I haven't upgraded to Phoenix FD 4 yet, can I still follow?

It’s highly recommended that you upgrade to version 4 before taking this course, as several of the lessons heavily rely on new features introduced in 4.0. However, you can still take majority of the course with version 3.14 (which is where variable viscosity was introduced).

Do I need a high-end PC to make these effects?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a high-end PC to run FX simulations. A standard quad core machine with at least 16GB ram will be sufficient.

When does the course start and finish?

This is a completely self-paced online course. I’ve made the lessons bite-sized so you can make progress every day without feeling overwhelmed.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

I use Maya, can I still follow?

Phoenix FD is available for both Maya and 3Ds Max. While this course is entirely 3Ds Max based, the general techniques and settings remain the same for both versions, and you can still follow in Maya.

What software do I need?

3Ds Max (free trial available), Phoenix FD (free trial available) and Vray (free trial available).

Optionally, I recommend you get the Frischluft Depth of Field plug-in for After Effects to easily create beautiful shallow depth of field effects.

Do I get a Certificate?

Yes! Upon completion of all lessons, you will automatically receive a unique Certificate of Completion.

Can I get an Invoice? (for my boss, taxes etc.)

Yes. You will automatically receive a receipt upon enrolling. If not, please email us through Teachable and we’ll send it to you.

Can I watch this on my phone?

Yes. Just download the Teachable app.

“Jesse’s concise and orderly way of teaching makes you learn very fast. He makes what seems difficult easy. I will definitely continue learning with RedefineFX in the future. I also appreciate the attention you give us through social networks to answer questions, always ready to help.”

Raul Cano Gomez, RedefineFX enrolled student

If you’re captivated by the images on this page & you love liquid sims, then this course is FOR YOU

This is a unique skillset that not many people have. It has helped me elevate my work and captivate the attention of clients who might otherwise just pass me by. These simulations are sure to leave an impression, and at $197, it’s a minimal investment into a skillset that could easily pay for itself ten times over with your next client. I’d love to see you inside the course! – Jesse


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