Start learning tyFlow, Phoenix, and Vray in 3Ds Max. Our courses are made in the same to-the-point teaching style you’re used to from my tutorials, and always come with a variety of portfolio-ready examples, with all project files included. Interested in multiple courses?Bundles are now available

Master the full process of creating a production-quality, showreel-ready VFX shot, from start to finish, including lighting & compositing.

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A new version of the original Phoenix Liquid FX course, now with even more examples, including the new Particle Tuner, and viscous liquids

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A natural continuation of the tyFlow Basecamp, covering every major tyFlow feature, including advanced topics, such as crowd sims and custom properties

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All-time best selling RedefineFX course, teaching you the basics of particles, CUDA cloth, PhysX, destruction, dynamic splines, and other essential effects

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Get the skills to setup a variety of smoke and fire simulations, in a wide range of production scenarios

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Learn to create advanced water sims with splash and foam, in a wide range of examples and project-based lessons

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40 lessons covering every aspect of destruction inside tyFlow, Metal bending, PhysX ropes, binding, joints, and much more

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Learn How to Make Professional Product Visuals, Attract Premium Clients, includes Bonus course: How to Freelance ($200 value)

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Go from absolute Beginner to PRO at setting up beautiful liquid simulations

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