In this tyFlow tutorial in 3Ds Max, we’re using the Position Raycast operator and tySplines to setup a “lidar 3D scanner” effect.

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This setup can be used for any iPhone Face ID animation – style effect, interior scanning, robot / terminator vision, intricate object / product animation reveals, Prometheus cave scanning thingy (I know you know what I’m talking about) and much more. We start this new tyflow tutorial by generating some particles on top of a tyIcon, then spawn children particles and tell them to look for obstacles in their path using the position raycast operator, which essentially acts as a light source emitting rays. We then connect the children particles to their parents using tyflow splines, and a self-illuminated vray light material completes the effect. We’re also using object bind operator to make the particles stick to geometry and a scale operator with a small interpolation value to make them gradually scale down and disappear over time.