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tyFlow Project File Megapack (20 beginner scenes)

Join thousands of 3D artists who have downloaded this free pack. Take the shortcut to instant results with these ready-to-go, original 3Ds Max project Files that were developed as part of my tutorials. Avoid the setup process. Simply import your geometry and run the simulation. Feel free to use on commercial work. If you’d like to say ‘thank you’, you can do so simply by subscribing on YouTube. Enjoy! – Jesse

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What project files are inside the Megapack?

Thanos Portal (includes both Phoenix & tyFlow setups)

Wall Destruction

Form Models with Splines

 Dynamic Strings

Gradual PhysX Destruction

Bullet Time & Retimer

 Growing Veins

 Metal Deformation

Path Follow

Plastic Wrap Cloth

 Destruction Reveal

Smoke Grenade

 Confetti Explosion

Attraction & Collision

 Tron Derez

Virus Growth

Gravity Weapon Destruction

tyflow vdb

VDB Sphere Packing

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