Learn How to Destroy Anything in 3Ds Max

tyFlow & Phoenix FD Destruction FX Course

Learn all the main ways of destroying just about anything in 3Ds Max, covering everything from fragmenting, metal bending, adding smoke & explosions with Phoenix FD & so much more. Just a few lessons in, you’ll feel comfortable in navigating tyFlow and using it to create FX that were previously impossible to do in 3Ds Max without this powerful plugin.

Completely new to tyFlow? Check out tyFlow Basecamp, my popular beginner course

tyFlow = The Future of 3Ds Max

This plugin is so amazing because it just works, it’s intuitive & it makes sense. With just a few operators you can create quite impressive effects involving PhysX simulations, cloth, tearing metal and more. The possibilities are endless, the simulation is extremely fast & the plugin is being constantly updated with new features. Combine that with the powerhouse that is Phoenix FD and you have yourself a mighty combination & are suddenly able to make complex destruction effects that interact with fluid simulations such as explosions.

 By Taking This Course You Will:

  • Learn how tyFlow works inside and out
  • Create a variety of destruction, demolition & damage effects
  • Understand destruction in-depth,  including brick, wood, glass & voronoi
  • Bind fragments together based on conditions, then break them
  • Create multiple layers of destruction, (e.g. further breaking pieces that move above a certain speed)
  • Incorporate Phoenix FD smoke & explosion simulations into tyFlow destruction
  • Activate destruction based on where Phoenix FD sim comes in contact with fragments
  • If you’re new to Phoenix, I’ll show you how to make a realistic explosion
  • Give fragments speed based on velocity of Phoenix explosion
  • Create metal bending effects & learn how to crush a truck
  • Setup PhysX cables, sparks, & electricity
  • NEW water destruction lessons (PhysX Fluid Operator) Now Added!

What You’ll Learn

tyFlow Overview





PhysX Binds


Fluid PhysX Operator (New Lessons now added!)

Secondary wood destruction

Materials, Lighting & Rendering

Explosion with Phoenix FD

Connecting tyFlow & Phoenix FD


Triggering events based on conditions

Adding Dust with Phoenix FD

Rendering & Compositing

Metal Bending Setup

Pillar Breaking

Electrical cables (PhysX Ropes)

Lighting and rendering

3D Models (Built for Destruction) & Included with The Course

What Our Students Say

“I’m actually creating a couple of VFX shots for a paid job that’s really exciting. It’s been awesome learning from your course”

Matthew Scott, RedefineFX Enrolled Student

“Last year I started my 3D career and came across RedefineFX’s courses and immediately fell in love. First I enrolled in the Beginner Liquid course and immediately knew I made the right choice. Easy to understand and easy to follow.”

Kariakos Kaitezidis, RedefineFX Enrolled Student (in All Courses)

“Thanks for all your tutorials. They are basically Video Copilot for simulations. Very helpful!”

Ben Jones, RedefineFX Enrolled Student

“I’m a VFX artist at FuseFX in NYC. I always find myself pointing new artists to your tutorials”

Russell Forrest Boebert, FuseFX

What If you could get just one $1000 client?

VFX jobs are everywhere. There are clients, studios, production houses, creative agencies, directors, and everyone in between making VFX-packed content. They need armies of skilled VFX artists to make it all happen. Not to mention freelance opportunities where the sky is the limit, and $5,000+ per project is entirely within reach. You can make back the cost of this course 10-100x in the next few weeks. It’s a very minor investment compared to the amount of opportunities you can attract with these skills. I’ve compressed years of learning VFX into this course so you don’t have to. I’m giving you all the weapons you need, and would love to see you inside the course making some epic VFX! – Jesse


Master Destruction FX with tyFlow

40 in-depth visual effects lessons

ALL Project files included

3D Models Included ($100 value)

Beautiful Student Area (Powered by Teachable)

Learn from a Phoenix FD Certified Trainer

Fully edited lessons (no fluff)

New Lessons (Fluid PhysX Operator & Water Destruction) Now Added!



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Got questions?

When does the course start and finish?

This is a completely self-paced online course. You learn whenever it suits you.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

I haven't upgraded to Phoenix FD 4 yet, can I still follow?

Great question. The answer is YES, this entire course is backwards compatible all the way to Phoenix FD 3.0 – just be aware that older versions might produce slightly different looking results.

Do I need a high-end PC to make these effects?

Although faster is certainly better, you don’t need a high-end PC to run FX simulations. A standard quad core machine with at least 16GB ram will be sufficient.

Are the project files included?

Yes. All of the project files are included so you can just open the file and look at my settings if at any point you’re stuck. Or you can just straight up use them for commercial work. All good with me.

Are the 3D models included?

YES! All of the 3D models are included except for the Cybertruck (just google ‘free cybertruck 3D model’ and you’ll be good to go 😉

What software do I need?

tyFlow (Free Download Available), 3Ds Max (free trial available), Phoenix FD (free trial available) and Vray (free trial available)

I'm completely new to all this, can I still follow?

YES! This course is made with absolute beginners in mind. The introductory lessons will get you up to speed fast so you can follow along with the project-based lessons further in.

Do I get a Certificate?

Yes! Upon completion of all lessons, you will automatically receive a unique Certificate of Completion.

Can I watch this on my phone?

Yes. Just download the Teachable app.