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New to RedefineFX? Welcome, I’m Jesse

I started RFX in 2018 simply because I couldn’t find the kind of VFX training I was looking for – something concise that is not 100 hours long but still shows you the entire process and at end of each lesson, you walk away with a finished result that you can immediately use to enhance your portfolio and attract more clients (rather than just an unfinished viewport preview of the effect).

The way I started attracting and booking freelance 3D animation projects was by incorporating 3D simulations, particles, liquids, and other dynamic FX into my work. This elevated my work above the average freelancer offering simple renders, and allowed me to charge much higher rates on a per-project basis. After 3 years of successfully freelancing full time, I started RFX to teach You how to do the same.

Whether you’re in Archviz, Product Visualization, 3D Motion Design (High-End Commercials), or traditional VFX, there is an opportunity for you to add FX sims into your work and take it to completely new heights. 

You can learn more about my story on my personal website

“Jesse is Changing the Tutorial Game”

– Chaos, Creators of V-Ray & Phoenix

My Story of Becoming a 6-Figure Freelance 3D Artist

In 2016, I quit my “dream job” at a VFX studio and decided to go freelance.

Things I realized I didn’t care about:

  • working long hours at a big VFX studio office with endless revisions & brutal deadlines
  • living in an expensive city like LA or Vancouver
  • Being the 1548th name in the credits of a Hollywood movie
  • Impressing my High School friends by saying I “worked on movies in Hollywood”

Things I realized I really cared about:

  • my health (mental and physical) – because having back pain in your 20s is NOT normal
  • freedom & control over my time
  • unlimited earning potential
  • realizing that making 5K per project as a 3D freelancer would completely change my life
  • Working from home (or anywhere else, away from office politics and sitting 2 inches away from the next guy)
  • Working with clients directly and having a degree of creative control
  • My health again (workout whenever I want, no junk food in office, no “mandatory” lunches with co-workers etc.)

After going freelance, I never looked back. Then when Covid hit, I felt so extremely lucky to not be dependent on a VFX job I could be let go of at any time for any reason. The demand for remote 3D work exploded in 2020. All of my friends (and many of my students) were booked solid and couldn’t take on more work. I only felt like it validated what I had been saying since 2016: remote work is the future, and it is the best way to thrive as a 3D artist today.

After successfully freelancing for now a total of 5 years, I started RedefineFX to teach other 3D artists how to find high-paying clients and charge $1,000-$5,000 per project and beyond (even $10,000 per project is not uncommon, even though it may sound impossible to you right now, it happens every day).

I’m excited to help you achieve the transformation you’re after, and walk away earning more while creating very cool CG work you can be proud of.

Let’s get started,


PS: Here’s a personal video I recorded where I share some very painful lessons I had to learn as a Freelance 3D Artist. To be honest, I expected it to get no views, but was pleasantly surprised by the amount of comments and reactions from so many of you, saying how you can relate to my story. If you’re new (or even a seasoned pro) freelancer, I hope you’ll find it helpful. Check it below:

What Students Say

“Thanks for all your tutorials. They are basically Video Copilot for 3D simulations. Very helpful!”

Ben Jones, RedefineFX Enrolled Student

“Last year I started my 3D career and came across RedefineFX’s courses and immediately fell in love. First I enrolled in the Beginner Liquid course and immediately knew I made the right choice. Easy to understand and easy to follow.”

Kariakos Kaitezidis, RedefineFX Enrolled Student (in All Courses)

“I’m actually creating a couple of VFX shots for a paid job that’s really exciting. It’s been awesome learning from your course”

Matthew Scott, RedefineFX Enrolled Student

I could have dug for years reading through documentation and searching all over for information but Jesse made it incredibly easy for me to follow along and learn each aspect of the software

Casey Balbontin, RedefineFX Enrolled Student

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