“I’ve literally taken your project files, changed almost nothing, rendered them, comped them and put them into movies. That’s unheard of.”

 –  Chris LeDoux, Founder & CEO of Crafty Apes 

” The way Jesse Pitela translates his own tyFlow mastery into easy-to-follow lessons makes it possible for anyone to create mind-blowing effects. His comprehensive VFX courses have become a staple of the tyFlow community. Highly recommended!”

 –  Tyson Ibele, Creator of tyFlow

“RedefineFX is doing an absolutely outstanding job teaching all aspects of Chaos Phoenix”

– Svetlin Nikolov, Lead Phoenix Developer, Chaos

“Jesse’s clear and straightforward tutorials let us spend less time guessing values to get results, and ultimately help us create award-winning 3D animations

– Max Taylor, Senior Art Director at Random42, London

“Having purchased Jesse’s RedefineFX courses for our studio, and loving the way he presented the course material, we decided to reach out to him to join our team for our two simulation-heavy projects for Dell Rugged Laptops. Just like his RedefineFX material, his work was clean and efficient making integrating with the team a painless process.”

– Dave Greene, Creative Director, IAMSTATIC

“Jesse is a great teacher who makes concise training that doesn’t waste your time. There is a lot of content inside the courses and I really appreciated that all the project files were included. I worked for 2 days on a simulation, then got his course and was able to get results quickly!”

–  Logan McNay, Director & VFX Artist

“I wouldn’t be where I am now without RedefineFX. The courses are top quality full of professional tips and tricks in bite sized videos that are assets for life. After learning from Jesse, I now know how to run simulations the right way to save time and maximize quality.”

–  Yanis, 3D Artist & enrolled student

“tyFlow added a new dimension to my 3D work, and Jesse tackled explaining it with ease, in a clear & focused manner, leaving you able to bring your own ideas to life. I would recommend RedefineFX to anyone.”

–  Martin Russell, 3D Artist & Managing Director at Assurgent Design

“Jesse Pitela’s exceptional ability to break down complex visual effects into approachable tutorials which the community loves, has made him one of our top creators & educators, and has ultimately led to him receiving the Autodesk Excellence Award. I can’t wait to see what he creates next with our products!”

 –  Eric Borque, Vice President of Content Creation, Media & Entertainment, Autodesk

“Jesse’s technical understanding, effortless presentation, and most importantly – results and great eye have been impressive for a long time! Can’t go wrong with this material.”

 –  Hristo Velev, Founder & VFX Supervisor at Bottleship VFX

“Jesse Pitela is changing the tutorial game and always pushing the limits of what software like tyFlow & Phoenix are capable of”

 –  Chaos, creators of Vray & Phoenix

“If you’re looking for training that’s straight forward, without fluff and time wasting side talk, these are the courses you’ve been looking for”

–  Russell Boebert, VFX artist at FuseFX, New York

“The tutorials & courses from RedefineFX are always top quality material.”

– Eloi Andaluz Fullà, FX Artist at ScanlineVFX and creator of 3Ds Max News

“I cannot wait for Torque! I have purchased all of your previous courses and couldn’t be more satisfied with the quality of your lessons and high level of professionalism you maintain.”

 –  Janusz Gadomski, student enrolled in all RedefineFX courses

“Thank you for all your courses! They are so valuable and packed with knowledge! I’ve already bought four of them.”

 –  Anna, CG artist at Vistas Design, student enrolled in multiple courses

“Short, precise, and most importantly inspiring. Jesse’s training helped me understand how to setup simulations & bring my work to the next level.”

 –  Andreas Mass, 3D Artist

“When I stumbled upon RedefineFX it was like a dream come true. I could start implementing what I learned in my work immediately and was able to wow my friends and take client work to that next level like I wanted to.”

 –  Genesis Williams, 3D Artist

“Jesse is one of the best teachers online, in both his free & commercial tutorials”

 –  Boban Krsmanovic, 3D Artist

“Thanks for the great courses you make. I just started with the first lessons and realized that I could have saved so much time if I had only taken your course sooner”

 –  Niels-Ole Schmidt, VFX Artist enrolled in Phoenix Fire Course

Millarc CGI is a High-End 3D Animation Studio, their clients include Audi, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, and many other global brands. They use tyFlow, Phoenix, and 3D simulations extensively in their highly-acclaimed work. They’re enrolled in tyFlow Basecamp & Deepdive

Reaction to the tyFlow Deepdive from Russell Boebert – A long-time VFX artist at FuseFX in New York, working on a variety of TV shows, commercials, and feature films. Their clients include Apple, Netflix, Marvel, HBO, and countless others. 

Thomas recently made a splash in the CG community (and got featured by Autodesk) for single-handedly creating the VFX for an entire Viking documentary. He used tyFlow & Phoenix for the destruction, cloth, water, and pyro sims. He’s enrolled in the Phoenix Fire FX Course

Alex Marks is a top-tier Freelance 3D Artist who recently sold one of his NFTs for over $100,000. He’s enrolled in tyFlow Basecamp & Product Masterclass