“I’ve literally taken your .max files, changed almost nothing, rendered them, comped them and put them into movies. That’s unheard of.”

 –  Chris LeDoux, Founder & CEO of Crafty Apes (the studio heavily uses 3Ds Max, tyFlow & Phoenix and has purchased all RedefineFX courses to-date)

” The way Jesse Pitela translates his own tyFlow mastery into easy-to-follow lessons makes it possible for anyone to create mind-blowing effects. His comprehensive VFX courses have become a staple of the tyFlow community. Highly recommended!”

 –  Tyson Ibele, Creator of tyFlow

“RedefineFX is doing an absolutely outstanding job teaching all aspects of Chaos Phoenix”

– Svetlin Nikolov, Lead Phoenix Developer, Chaos

“Jesse’s clear and straightforward tutorials let us spend less time guessing values to get results, and ultimately help us create award-winning 3D animations

– Max Taylor, Senior Art Director at Random42, London

“Jesse is a great teacher who makes concise training that doesn’t waste your time. There is a lot of content inside the courses and I really appreciated that all the project files were included. I worked for 2 days on a simulation, then got his course and was able to get results quickly!”

–  Logan McNay, Director & VFX Artist

“I wouldn’t be where I am now without RedefineFX. The courses are top quality full of professional tips and tricks in bite sized videos that are assets for life. After learning from Jesse, I now know how to run simulations the right way to save time and maximize quality.”

–  Yanis, 3D Artist & enrolled student

“tyFlow added a new dimension to my 3D work, and Jesse tackled explaining it with ease, in a clear & focused manner, leaving you able to bring your own ideas to life. I would recommend RedefineFX to anyone.”

–  Martin Russell, 3D Artist & Managing Director at Assurgent Design

“Jesse Pitela’s exceptional ability to break down complex visual effects into approachable tutorials which the community loves, has made him one of our top creators & educators, and has ultimately led to him receiving the Autodesk Excellence Award. I can’t wait to see what he creates next with our products!”

 –  Eric Borque, Vice President of Content Creation, Media & Entertainment, Autodesk

“Jesse Pitela is changing the tutorial game and always pushing the limits of what software like tyFlow & Phoenix are capable of”

 –  Chaos, creators of Vray & Phoenix

“If you’re looking for training that’s straight forward, without fluff and time wasting side talk, these are the courses you’ve been looking for”

–  Russell Boebert, VFX artist at FuseFX, New York

“I cannot wait for Torque! I have purchased all of your previous courses and couldn’t be more satisfied with the quality of your lessons and high level of professionalism you maintain.”

 –  Janusz Gadomski, student enrolled in all RedefineFX courses

“Thank you for all your courses! They are so valuable and packed with knowledge! I’ve already bought four of them.”

 –  Anna, CG artist at Vistas Design, student enrolled in multiple courses

“Short, precise, and most importantly inspiring. Jesse’s training helped me understand how to setup simulations & bring my work to the next level.”

 –  Andreas Mass, 3D Artist

“When I stumbled upon RedefineFX it was like a dream come true. I could start implementing what I learned in my work immediately and was able to wow my friends and take client work to that next level like I wanted to.”

 –  Genesis Williams, 3D Artist

Millarc CGI is a High-End 3D Animation Studio, their clients include Audi, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, and many other global brands. They use tyFlow, Phoenix, and 3D simulations extensively in their highly-acclaimed work. They’re enrolled in tyFlow Basecamp & Deepdive

Reaction to the tyFlow Deepdive from Russell Boebert – A long-time VFX artist at FuseFX in New York, working on a variety of TV shows, commercials, and feature films. Their clients include Apple, Netflix, Marvel, HBO, and countless others. 

Thomas recently made a splash in the CG community (and got featured by Autodesk) for single-handedly creating the VFX for an entire Viking documentary. He used tyFlow & Phoenix for the destruction, cloth, water, and pyro sims. He’s enrolled in the Phoenix Fire FX Course

Alex Marks is a top-tier Freelance 3D Artist who recently sold one of his NFTs for over $100,000. He’s enrolled in tyFlow Basecamp & Product Masterclass