Millarc CGI is a High-End 3D Animation Studio, their clients include Audi, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, and many other global brands. They use tyFlow, Phoenix, and 3D simulations extensively in their highly-acclaimed work. They’re enrolled in tyFlow Basecamp & Deepdive

Reaction to the tyFlow Deepdive from Russell Boebert – A long-time VFX artist at FuseFX in New York, working on a variety of TV shows, commercials, and feature films. Their clients include Apple, Netflix, Marvel, HBO, and countless others. 

Thomas recently made a splash in the CG community (and got featured by Autodesk) for single-handedly creating the VFX for an entire Viking documentary. He used tyFlow & Phoenix for the destruction, cloth, water, and pyro sims. He’s enrolled in the Phoenix Fire FX Course

Alex Marks is a top-tier Freelance 3D Artist who recently sold one of his NFTs for over $100,000. He’s enrolled in tyFlow Basecamp & Product Masterclass

Jesse Pitela is our Phoenix FD hero! His YouTube channel features a growing number of comprehensive and quick tutorials for creating different liquid and smoke simulations in Phoenix! We highly encourage you follow his Instagram feed and check out his YouTube page.

– Chaos Group Official (Creators of Vray & Phoenix FD)

I was scanning the web to find tutorials to help push my work to the next level. I saw a couple typical modeling and animation tutorials on YouTube but when I stumbled upon RedefineFX it was like a dream come true. Jesse was teaching how to use Phoenix FD with 3Ds Max creating liquid and smoke simulations in ways I didn’t think was possible. And for a beginner like me they were so easy to follow. I could start implementing what I learned in my work immediately and was able to wow my friends and take client work to that next level like I wanted to.

Genesis Williams

I randomly came across Jesse’s tutorials and immediately knew I could do the work based on what he was showing. His straight to the point/relevant explanations are easy to follow. The client was amazed by the simulations and has led to more projects and better portfolio material. Thanks Jesse!

Jimm Wagner

I have worked with Phoenix FD before and struggled through a project because I couldn’t make sense of what exactly was going on and there weren’t any tutorials to guide one through. That experience led me to not touch Phoenix FD for a while. And then I stumbled across Jesse’s tutorials. Short, precise, and most importantly inspiring. Not only did they help me understand how to setup simulations in an organized way but also how to combine them with particle textures to bring my work to the next level.

Andreas Mass