Product 3D Animation Tutorials

Product 3D Animation, also known as Product Rendering / Product Visualization or Productviz, is an extremely popular way to showcase a new product. If you’re a Freelance 3D artist, this is a great way to find clients (there are so many!). There’s always a company out there coming out with a new product, and offering them a high-end product animation, especially when combined with 3D simulations such as smoke, liquids, particles…is a great way to charge premium rates and attract high-level clientele. Just look around at product launches from the big guys – Apple, Samsung, Sony…every new product launch is almost entirely CGI. The below tutorials have been used by thousands of artists to revamp their reels, portfolios, and websites with eye-candy visuals. They’re all completely  free, and I hope you’ll put the new skills to good (profitable!) use. Enjoy.

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