The Osprey Crash VFX Course

with tyFlow & Phoenix in 3Ds Max by RedefineFX

Create the entire production-quality VFX shot, start to finish, including:

  • Osprey 3D model, ready to be animated with separate controls of rotors and body (I modeled it myself, $200 value)
  • Animation: Animate the body, engines, and rotors separately
  • Environment: create a simple environment to ground the crash in reality
  • Lighting: Add Vray HDRI lighting for realistic results
  • Rendering: Grab my proven rendering settings, render out separate passes with Vray
  • Compositing: Put it all together using multi-pass compositing and other tricks in After Effects
  • Final polish: Color correction & Camera shake

Setup over 10 tyFlow simulations

  • Dirt impacts, debris
  • Rotors breaking
  • sparks
  • undercarriage breaking off
  • engine explosion damage

And over 8 individual Phoenix simulations

  • engine fire
  • engine secondary explosions
  • debris on fire
  • multiple variations of dirt blasts / impact smoke
  • white engine smoke
  • rotor “spinning” smoke sim
  • liquid mud viscous simulation with wetting

Follow me to master the techniques, then apply them to your own dream VFX shots!

  • The goal for me is for YOU to have the skills and the confidence to simply have an idea for a cool VFX shot, and execute it like a pro. I’ll show you how.

Here’s everything you’ll get

35+ total lessons

All project files included

Osprey model included

Learn from an experienced & award-winning 3Ds Max Instructor

Lifetimes access to the self-paced course

Access to a beautiful learning platform

Subtitles now available in 10 languages

Make the Investment in Your VFX Career

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