Airplane model is NOT included (for legal reasons). After you open the scene, replace the placeholder box with your own aircraft model. Includes Phoenix FD liquid simulation setup (all settings, splash, foam, & particle shaders). Vray rendering setup, lighting setup & an airplane placeholder box animated at the correct size & speed (just import your airplane model & parent it to the master dummy object)  Be sure to watch the tutorial if you’re unfamiliar with Phoenix FD. Compatible with: 3Ds Max 2016 and newer. Phoenix FD 3.0 and newer. Newer versions of Phoenix FD may produce slightly different results from the preview shown.

This Phoenix FD for 3Ds Max tutorial focuses on creating a large scale water simulation of an emergency airplane water landing. It goes over splash, foam, and mist parameters, setting up infinite ocean, the ocean shader, lighting, rendering and post production in after effects.