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EmberGen FREE Magic FX Crash Course (10 video lessons)

Join thousands of 3D artists who have downloaded a free resource from RedefineFX. Take the shortcut to cool results & learn EmberGen fast. The training includes an introduction for absolute beginners, overview of GPU particles, and 8 complete FX setups. FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME. 

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What FX are covered inside the Crash Course?

Thanos Portal GPU Particles Magic Version

Ultimate Ability Fire Attack

Charge with Energy & Release

Carpet Bombing “Line” Attack

Blue Energy Shockwave

Good vs. Evil

Faster than The Speed of Light

Master of the Force

Made with absolute beginners in mind (but also covers lots of techniques for more advanced EmberGen users)

01: Introduction to EmberGen

Navigation, interface, essential shortcuts
emitters, primitives, extending simulation area
forces, noise, line, twist

02: Introduction to emitters & GPU Particles

buoyancy, gravity, assigning random colors
changing size over lifetime,
emissive particles, entangled & clumped mode
injecting particles with smoke and duel

03: Blue Energy Shockwave

filling an object with smoke
Vorticles force (super cool)
Intro to animation & setting keyframes
changing color of fire, translucent flames

04: Carpet Bombing (Line Attack)

Importing an animated .FBX character
Looping simulations
Shape: Burst
Adding detail to smoke & fire

05: Master of the Force

Shape: Blend
Animating loopable shockwave force
Custom Color Gradient for smoke color

06: Charge with Energy & Release

emit smoke from a growing shape
suction force using negative pressure emitter
emitting explosion directly from animated character

07: Ultimate Ability Fire Attack

GPU particles on fire

08: Good vs. Evil

Intro to Modulators
Changing fuel amount randomly with Oscillator
Rotating on object infinitely with Cycle
Mask shapes (force only affects a defined area)

09: Faster than The Speed of Light

bringing it all together
multiple GPU particle emitters
mask shapes continued

10: Thanos Portal Magic Version
Overview of the project

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About Your Instructor

  • Received “EmberGen Master” Role on Official JangaFX Discord
  • Founder of RedefineFX teaching VFX to 50K+ subscribers
  • Featured in the Official Autodesk M&E Showreel 2023
  • Official Judge in The Rookie Awards 2023
  • Autodesk Excellence Award Winner (2022)
  • First ever Chaos Phoenix Certified Instructor
  • Recent projects include: Dell, Hershey
  • Autodesk AREA Member of the Month (2022)
  • Freelance 3D Artist (120+ clients served over 6 years, incl. Western Digital, Symantec, Shutterstock…)
  • Started RedefineFX in 2018 out of pure frustration of being unable to find the kind of VFX training I wanted to see