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NEW: EmberGen Bootcamp Course by RedefineFX

By May 3, 2023No Comments
If you’ve been intrigued by the real-time VFX simulations I’ve been posting for the last 2 months and you’d like to learn EmberGen from the ground up (and follow me step by step as we re-create all those simulation setups from scratch), then today I’m releasing the first complete EmberGen course on the market.
I’m calling it EmberGen Bootcamp.
Inside, I’m going to take you from absolute beginner to an advanced level at creating amazing real-time simulations.
The course contains a wide range of original & unique FX developed specifically for this course, teaching you every EmberGen feature along the way.
Included are also full guides on exporting, importing and shading VDBs inside Octane, Blender, Cinema 4D, Unreal Engine (incl. Flipbooks workflow with Niagara), 3Ds Max, Vray, and compositing passes in After Effects.
Whether you’re in Games, Film, Motion Design, or ProductViz, real-time simulations can save you tons of time and help you become more competitive in today’s market.
Early-enrollment is only open for a few days: