Start Creating Rad Real-Time VFX Simulations with EmberGen (in a few hours, not weeks)

…even if you’re completely new to 3D simulations!

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Become top-level talent for any studio by staying ahead of your peers and mastering a new tool the industry is adopting at lightning speed. Learn in-demand skills, level-up your portfolio, wow your friends, and attract more career opportunities. Available exclusively at RedefineFX, The Embergen Bootcamp is by far the most complete EmberGen course on the market today, covering every main feature in-depth, and taking you from an absolute beginner to an advanced level at creating breathtaking volumetric and particles effects.


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Does this sound like You?

Let me guess…EmberGen has been on your radar for a while…

…you’ve been wanting to learn it, but there’s no complete learning experience available anywhere…so you keep waiting for random YouTube tutorials to show up (and they just aren’t showing up, are they?)
With the clock ticking and more studios using EmberGen every day, how much longer are you going to wait as the opportunity passes you by?

When eventually a cool free tutorial shows up, it will only show you how to do that one specific effect. Not enough for you to really understand the software on a deep level to create YOUR OWN effects.

That’s why I created the All-New EmberGen Bootcamp

The Embergen Bootcamp provides something a bunch of surface-level, quick-tip YouTube tutorials never could:

  • Continuity & lessons building on top of each other
  • Gradually introducing more advanced concepts
  • Key concepts explained through studio-quality examples 
  • Multiple unique & original effects that were developed specifically for this Bootcamp and are not available anywhere else
  • Lessons created with the RedefineFX Method & the to-the-point teaching style you’re used to from Jesse
  • Bite-sized, focused, highly information-dense, fully edited lessons with no time-wasting side talk, no over-explaining
  • A resource you know and trust – RedefineFX has been serving a rapidly growing community of 3D artists for nearly 5 years
  • You always walk away with a finished, tangible result you can immediately use to enhance your portfolio, reel, and attract paid work
  • The course is NOT 100 hours long. It’s designed to teach you EmberGen in the shortest amount of time possible, without skipping any important concepts…it’s a true Bootcamp.

Learn EmberGen from The Ground Up (The Fun Way)

Follow me step-by-step through over 60 beginner-friendly lessons, covering every EmberGen feature.

Learn through project-based lessons for unique, studio-quality effects you can’t get anywhere else

Create Stylized & Magical VFX for Games

Setup engaging eye-candy VFX including energy blasts, force fields, trails, rings, particles, electricity…

Setup Realistic VFX Elements for Games & Film

Learn how to setup essential VFX elements (which are always in-demand for every film/TV production): realistic fire, smoke, sparks, embers, shockwaves, dust, various types of explosions, a burnout, and more

Make Fun Simulations for Motion Design & Product Viz

Wow Your clients with high-end 3D simulations & charge more for your work. EmberGen makes it easy to setup and add highly-detailed FX to your product renders, motion design, or Archviz, in MINUTES

Why Now is The Time to Start Learning EmberGen (story time)

Jumping on new software early and taking every opportunity I could to learn it well and learn it FAST has worked amazingly well for me over the last 4 years.

When tyFlow came out in 2019, I fully committed to not wait around and took a deep dive into learning it right away. I went ALL-IN.

Forward to today, I’ve received multiple 6-figure job offers, countless inquiries for freelance work, been featured in official showreels and won major industry awards.

Positioning myself as a tyFlow expert right away before most people even knew of its existence, has brought me a life-changing amount of opportunity.
TODAY, I’m doing the same thing with EmberGen, and this time I’d love to take you along with me. 

First, it’s important to recognize this opportunity for what it really is. Not every year does a new software come out that truly changes the game.

Of course, we have all been conditioned to *wait* for everything in the world of CG. For 20 years, we have been waiting for simulations to run, renders to finish, videos to export. But of course – *not* waiting is better. Saving time, in a production environment, means saving money.

That’s why 200+ of the world’s biggest gaming studios already adopted EmberGen into their pipelines. Let that sink if for a second. This means that just about every studio you can think of has EmberGen installed on their machines, and are using it to make your favorite games and films. Every day.

Normally, it might take an artist several DAYS to make a volumetric magic blast simulation, go through the revision process, run the sim multiple times, render it multiple times, and so on…

…What used to take days or even weeks, now takes minutes (!!!)

The level of detail EmberGen produces is more than satisfactory for a huge amount of FX tasks, volumetric elements, flipbooks for games, and more.  And now is your chance to jump in early before the mainstream CG crowd wakes up. 

EmberGen is Used by Over 200 Leading Game & Film  Studios

Including: WetaFX, Blizzard Entertainment, Crystal Dynamics, Crytek, Riot Games, Ubisoft, Valve, Bungie, Bethesda, ScanlineVFX, SEGA, Pixomondo, Insomniac Games, Rebellion, Square Enix, and many more…
…getting a job at one of these studios simply because you decided to invest into learning a new tool. This is your chance to put yourself on the radar of these studios. Because when it comes time for them to hire a new VFX artist, having “Proficient in EmberGen” in your resume (and some epic shots in your reel to back it up) just might be your edge that ends up getting YOU the job over everyone else.  
Fresh screenshot from a website

Master the Entire EmberGen Production Workflow

Visually Learn What All The Settings Do (and how they affect the simulation)

Follow me step-by-step as I setup over 20 simulations from scratch, covering a vast range of skills. Plus additional examples as we cover all the main features. 

Create Flipbooks for Unreal Engine & Unity

Export flipbooks with ease and use the Game Texture Viewer to preview animations prior to importing them into a game engine
BONUS: Follow me click by click as we setup a flipbook animation with Niagara inside Unreal Engine 5

Export VDBs to use in Unreal Engine 5, Blender, C4D, Houdini, 3Ds Max…

Export Standard Image Sequences & Passes for compositing in After Effects, Nuke, Fusion…

For example, export the fuel & smoke passes separately to add a huge amount of realism in comp

There will always be a studio/job/client out there in need of custom FX elements

  • fire, dust, sparks, explosions, shockwaves…
  • these elements never go out of demand, they’re everywhere, in every VFX-heavy production
  • master them and you’ll become a valuable addition to any studio VFX team

Learn In-Demand Skills You Can Apply Today

  • Games & game cinematics (create volumetric FX with ease)
  • Hollywood Films  & Episodic TV Shows (custom FX elements)
  • Documentaries (think Cosmos, gas planets, toxic alien environments)
  • Motion Design & High-End Commercials
  • Architectural Visualization (add simulations to stand out)
  • Product Rendering (every smartphone launch trailer has Hollywood-style VFX these days)
  • Social media: Blow up on TikTok & Instagram with VFX-heavy videos
  • Filmmakers: Add studio-level VFX to your short films
  • VFX students: Build a killer reel that will turn some heads 🙂

Learn from Unique & Original  Simulations you can ONLY get inside this course

Many of the simulations I’ve developed specifically for this course have gone mini-viral on LinkedIn & Twitter, getting the attention of JangaFX, and countless people from the CG & game industry, growing my LinkedIn following by 2,000+ industry folks. IMAGINE how much easier it would be for you get work with this level of exposure.

Are You Ready to start running epic real-time simulations?


“Jesse’s technical understanding, effortless presentation, and most importantly – results and a great eye have been impressive for a long time! Can’t go wrong with this material”

 –  Hristo Velev, Founder & VFX Supervisor at Bottleship VFX

Go from Absolute Beginner to an Advanced Level

(in a few hours, not weeks)

Understand how to create simulations of various sizes & scales

Avoid common mistakes (and save yourself hours of troubleshooting)

Avoid the ‘low-res look’ and create

highly-detailed simulations

Go Beyond the Basics & Discover Hidden Features

EmberGen can do so much more than fire and smoke. Go deeper on topics like Frozen particles, Modulator or emitting particles based on conditions. Both beginners and advanced users are guaranteed to pick up a new trick or two.

Have a blast running awesome simulations

With EmberGen, you get to spend 99% of your time doing the fun stuff. No more waiting for simulations & test renders to finish so you can see what effect changing the value from 0.1 to 0.2 actually had. The instant feedback makes this the most fun you’ll ever have using a software. Beware it’s addictive 🙂

This is the First & Only

Comprehensive EmberGen Course

that is unlike anything else on the market

Jesse is a great teacher who makes concise training that doesn’t waste your time, and there is a lot of content inside the courses. I worked for 2 days on a simulation, then got his course and was able to get results quickly!”

 –   Logan McNay, Director & VFX Artist

Learn from an Official “EmberGen Master” & Autodesk Excellence Award Winner

jesse pitela rookie awards

About Your Instructor, Jesse Pitela:

  • Received “EmberGen Master” Role on Official JangaFX Discord
  • Founder of RedefineFX teaching VFX to 50K+ subscribers
  • Official Judge in The Rookie Awards 2023 
  • Autodesk Excellence Award Winner (2022)
  • First ever Chaos Phoenix Certified Instructor
  • Recent projects include: Dell, Hershey
  • Autodesk AREA Member of the Month (2022)
  • Freelance 3D Artist (120+ clients served over 6 years, incl. Western Digital, Symantec, Shutterstock…)

Hi, I’m Jesse and I started RedefineFX in 2018 out of pure frustration of not being able to find the kind of VFX training I was looking for – something concise that shows you the entire process, so you walk away with a finished, presentable result, rather than just a viewport preview of the setup.

8 Premium Courses Created

Learn from an experienced creator of multiple successful premium courses

50k+ YouTube Subcribers

A resource you can trust, RedefineFX has been around for over 4 years, consistently serving a rapidly growing community

100+ Free Tutorials Uploaded

Giving back to the community and allowing everyone to get access to quality VFX education is important to me

Trusted by Major VFX Studios

The best learn at RedefineFX, including Crafty Apes, FuseFX, Bottleship VFX, Millarc CGI, The Boundary, and many others.

Always Beginner-Friendly

I never forget how I felt when I was starting out, and will always make sure you feel included, even if you're completely new to VFX.

Practical Skills to Help You Earn More

At the end of my tutorials & courses, you will have a finished, professional result.

Take the shortcut to actual RESULTS  (or spend years waiting for free tutorials)

The thing about individual 5-20 minute tutorials is that they can’t possibly teach you the software as a whole, and they usually only scratch the surface and show you a few settings. Sure, you learn how to do a quick flashy setup that looks cool, but…
…imagine you get hired and the creative director asks you to make something there is no tutorial or preset for anywhere. What do you do then?

This is actually a common problem in the industry. People get addicted to watching tutorials, but when it comes down to it, they don’t understand the software enough to create something new & specific that the director is asking for.

And yet, most people would rather keep refreshing their YouTube homepage hoping for a free tutorial to show up that just might cover what they’re trying to learn. And so they keep waiting, instead of investing a little bit of money to RAPIDLY advance their career and get actual results fast. 

Jesse’s EmberGen training is intuitive and easy to follow along. I’ve been able to further develop skills and techniques I didn’t know were even possible in the program.”

 –  Toby Tinker, VFX Artist

Subtitles in 10 Languages Now Available!*

After many student requests, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Italian, Korean, Polish, and Dutch subtitles are currently available for the entire course. *The subtitles are A.I. generated, however they are very accurate.

What You Will Learn: Bootcamp Outline

Chapter 1: Introduction to EmberGen

  • Welcome & Thank You
  • Hardware recommendations
  • How to Approach Learning EmberGen (and VFX in general)
  • Home screen and presets
  • Navigation and Interface
  • Setting up a scene completely from scratch
  • Intro to fire and smoke simulations
  • Simulation speed in viewport
  • Intro to GPU particles Part 1
  • Intro to GPU particles Part 2
  • Intro to GPU particles Part 3
  • Combining volume and particle emitter
  • Injection Curves
  • Coloring particles by speed
  • Intro to Modulators
  • Intro to Forces
  • Force masking
  • Simulation node
  • Simulation size and scene scale
  • Shading basics
  • Sharpening and other post effects
  • Lights
  • Emitter types
  • Animation
  • Grand summary and extra tips and tricks

Chapter 2: Projects

  • Importing animated geometry
  • Teleportation rings part 1
  • Teleportation rings part 2
  • Vertex color painting in 3Ds Max / Blender / C4D
  • Sword particle trail
  • Multiple vertex color masks on one mesh
  • Ground hit explosion
  • Heavy smoke, colliders, oscillators
  • Upscaling
  • Running Men ‘Ghost’ with Modulators
  • Shockwaves
  • Tank firing
  • Burnout
  • Neon Drift and Color Modulations
  • Force Field
  • Car on fire
  • Toxic Blast with Particle Trails part 1
  • Toxic Blast with Particle Trails part 2
  • Osprey engine on fire
  • Explosion Part 1 Main Blast
  • Explosion part 2 smoke trails
  • Explosion part 3 embers
  • Explosion part 4 fire trails, shading, lighting

Chapter 3: Beyond the Basics

  • Emitting particles by velocity
  • Intro to Frozen particles part 1
  • Intro to Frozen particles part 2
  • Intro to Frozen particles part 3
  • Thanos Disintegration
  • Looping Your Simulations
  • Forces in-depth part 1
  • Forces in-depth part 2
  • Modulators: Time Shift
  • Mesh reveal
  • Bullet time animation
  • Modulators: Combine
  • Creating sparks, lines, trails
  • Wind tunnel
  • Radial fire blast attack with modulators
  • Electricity FX and God of Thunder example

Chapter 4: Import & Export

  • Importing a background image
  • Exporting an image sequence and importing into After Effects
  • Adding an alpha channel
  • Exporting passes and multi-pass compositing
  • Exporting flipbooks
  • Game Texture Viewer
  • Importing Flipbooks into Unreal Engine & setting up a Niagara particle system
  • Exporting VDB
  • Importing VDB into 3Ds Max (smoke only)
  • Importing VDB into 3Ds Max (Fire explosion) with Vray Volume Grid
  • Exporting Alembic particles and importing into 3Ds Max
  • Importing VDB in Cinema 4D
  • Importing and shading VDB in Unreal Engine
  • Importing and shading VDB in Blender
  • Importing & Shading a VDB with Octane in Blender (Also Applicable to Octane for Cinema 4D)

Chapter 5: Bonus Lessons & Project Files

  • EmberGen for Productviz
  • Shockwave
  • Thanos Portal Magic Version
  • Thanos Portal Fire Version
  • Thanos Portal Standard Version
  • Master of the force
  • The Flash
  • Ultimate Fire Ability
  • Line Attack (carpet bombing)
  • Charge Up and release
  • Snow explosion
  • Sand explosion

Chapter 6: Update 1 (January 2024) - EmberGen 1.1 New Features Overview

  • EmberGen 1.1 New Features Part 1
  • EmberGen 1.1 New Features Part 2
  • EmberGen 1.1 Improved Collisions
  • EmberGen 1.1 Link Emitter to Animation
  • EmberGen 1.1 Wizard Magic
  • EmberGen 1.1 Dragon Breath

AWESOME (AND VALUABLE!) BONUSES (included with the Bootcamp)

Bonus: Beyond The Basics Chapter (15 videos) $200 Value

Gradually activate particles to imitate the “Thanos Disintegration” effect

Emit Particles based on conditions, e.g. only emit particles out of the hands of this character if they’re moving above a certain speed.

Go deeper on using custom gradients & modulate particle colors based on their size, age, and other conditions

Explore EmberGen’s hidden features to create trails, sparks, electricity, and other unique FX

Reveal the mesh of your objects based on vertex masks. You can use this to gradually set parts of objects on fire, for example.

Use Modulators to automate the movement of objects. This has many useful applications, such spinning the rotor of a helicopter without setting any keyframes. Or creating satisfying loopable simulations.

..and many more useful examples, tips & tricks

Bonus: 11 Valuable Project Files ($100 value)

Toxic Blast with GPU particles

Osprey engine fire. Includes the full setup & 3D model.

Heavy snow explosion


(I’m updating this in real time 🙂 – Jesse)

“The EmberGen courses from RedefineFX are top notch, full of great info on workflows, tips and tricks. I’d highly recommend them for both beginners and experienced artists alike

Jason Key, Principal VFX Artist @ JangaFX – creators of EmberGen

Invest into becoming one of the first artists to Master EmberGen

With EmberGen 2.0 on the roadmap and graphics cards more than doubling in speed every 2 years, it’s clear that real-time is here to stay. EmberGen will only grow in popularity among studios. We’re in that special moment in time RIGHT NOW where EmberGen is being used by nearly all big gaming studios, and yet the general CG community has not awoken to the opportunity yet. I still get comments on YouTube from artists who don’t understand what EmberGen is or why it’s special. Just by being on this page, you’re ahead of the 99%. If you take it a step further, and make a small investment into learning this new tool really well, you will become one of the top 1% of artists who are actually on top of their game, and I’m certain it will be beneficial to your VFX career. Imagine landing a 3-month contract to do nothing but setup cool simulations, or landing a job just because you decided to level-up your reel with volumetric simulations. This small investment into your self-education can easily pay for itself 10-100x with your next paid gig.

Here’s everything you’ll get

  • 60+ high-value core lessons teaching you EmberGen from the ground up ($295 value)
  • 15 Bonus lessons inside the “Beyond The Basics” Chapter ($200 value)
  • 11 Valuable project files included ($100 value)
  • Learn from an official ‘EmberGen Master’ & Autodesk Excellence Award Winner
  • Lifetime access to all future updates
  • Access to a beautiful learning platform
  • Subtitles now available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean

Total value of learning material: $595

Make the Investment in Your VFX Career Future


ONLY $295

one-time payment

 Enjoy lifetime access to the course & all future updates

Enroll Now

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Your Most Frequent Questions:

I'm completely new to EmberGen, is this for me?

Yes. This course has an in-depth introductory chapter for absolute beginners and I’m confident you’ll be able to follow along even if you’re completely new to the world of 3D simulations.

I'm more advanced, will I still get value out of this course?

Yes. The course gradually introduces more advanced concepts and there’s a lot to learn for all skill levels. The ‘Beyond the Basics” bonus chapter entirely focuses on more advanced workflows.

I use Blender / Cinema 4D / Unreal Engine / 3Ds Max... (is this for me?)

Yes. EmberGen is a standalone app which exports VDBs (for volumes), and Alembic (for particles), that all 3D software can import. It also exports flipbooks (for Niagara in Unreal Engine). And it also exports regular image sequences (e.g. for compositing in After Effects, Nuke, Fusion).

Do you cover how to bring the simulations into Unreal Engine / Blender / Cinema 4D?

Yes. Although this is primarily an EmberGen course, there is a an entire chapter dedicated to just exporting & importing EmberGen simulations into: Unreal Engine, Cinema 4D, 3Ds Max, Blender, and After Effects
For Blender artists:
  • Additional video on how to vertex paint your geometry for masking inside EG has been added
  • Also covered is VDB import into Blender and shading using the temperature, flame, and density channels
  • FULL guide included on Importing and shading a VDB with Octane in Blender

For Unreal Engine artists:

  • Step-by-step video included on how to export flipbooks, import them into UE 5, and use the Niagara particle system to integrate them into your game
  • Importing VDBs into UE also covered

For 3Ds Max artists:

  • Covered is importing VDB into 3Ds Max using the Vray Volume Grid
  • Covered is also shading the VDB fire & smoke correctly using and rendering it with Vray
  • Alembic particle import also covered

For Cinema 4D artists:

  • Additional video on how to vertex paint your geometry for masking inside EG has been added
  • Also covered is VDB import into C4D.
  • To shade the VDB fire & smoke, you will need either Octane or Redshift. Since Octane is nearly identical for Blender & C4D, you can follow the Full Blender/Octane Guide included with this course

For After Effects artists:

  • full walkthrough included on how to export image sequences and separate passes for compositing in AE
  • extracting the multi-layer .exr image sequences inside AE and basic compositing guide is also included

For Houdini artists:

  • no Houdini workflow is included in this course, however if you’re familiar with importing VDBs into Houdini, you’re good to go

For any other software (Unity, Maya, Nuke, Fusion etc.):

  • You can use flipbooks in Unity
  • Maya can import VDB and alembic
  • Nuke & Fusion will import EmberGen’s image sequence exports for compositing

What version of EmberGen are you using?

The entire course is currently recorded in EmberGen 1.0, however new lessons covering noteworthy EmberGen 1.1 features and changes have recently been added to the course (new as of January 2024).

What GPU (graphics card) do I need?

EmberGen simulations run on the GPU and will utilize it 100%. Therefore, the faster your GPU, the better. I recommend a 1080 as a bare minimum to have a good experience using EmberGen. The course is recorded on a 4090.

Is *insert your specific desired effect* covered inside the Bootcamp?

Everything that’s in the course trailer AND on this page is covered. I often get questions from someone who is looking for a very specific effect e.g. a “Anime-style battle impact shockwave”. If your desired effect is not included, please know the Bootcamp exists to give YOU the skills to create *ANY* effect you can come up with. It’s not about teaching you how to make a few flashy FX. It’s about teaching you the techniques, workflows, and deep understanding of how the settings work, so you can setup any specific effect you have in mind.

What project files are included?

There are 11 project files (presets) included with course as listed in the “Bonuses” section above. For the rest of the effects, students are encouraged to follow the lessons to get their own result they can have ownership of and can confidently put into their portfolio without the fear of being called out for using a preset.

Are there subtitles available?

Yes.After many student requests, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Italian, Korean, Polish, and Dutch subtitles are currently available for the entire course. *The subtitles are AI generated, however they are very accurate.

Is Embergen worth learning? What makes it special?

200 studios and thousands of artists are already using EmberGen for it’s revolutionary real-time simulation technology, allowing you to create highly-detailed simulations which would normally take hours, or even days, to simulate and render in traditional software. With Embergen, the feedback to making changes is instant. This allows you to very quickly iterate and get to a final simulation result. In production, this saves you a ton of time & money. It is an absolute no-brainer to start learning for any artist who wishes to stay on top of his/her field.

Will my boss / studio / workplace pay for this course?

It’s very possible that your place of employment will cover an educational expense, such as this course, if it directly relates to your job duties. It sure doesn’t hurt to ask.

When does the course start and finish?

This is a completely self-paced online course. I’ve made the lessons bite-sized so you can make progress every day without feeling overwhelmed.

How long do I have access to the course?

You get lifetime access, meaning you get to access the courses for as long as RedefineFX exists.

Do I get a Certificate?

Yes! Upon completion of all lessons, you will automatically receive a unique Certificate of Completion.

Can I enter my TAX ID / VAT ID at checkout?

Yes, however, it’s important that you pay with your credit card. Entering a Tax ID / VAT ID is currently not supported with PayPal Checkout. After checking out, you will automatically receive an invoice to your email (which you can use for tax deduction purposes).

Didn’t find an answer to your question?

“This course is a game changer and an absolute must for anyone in the VFX industry”

Josh Purple, VFX artist, enrolled in EmberGen Bootcamp