Take a Deep Dive Into Setting Up High-End 3D Simulations & Dynamic FX with tyFlow

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Introducing the All-New Training: The tyFlow Deepdive by RedefineFX
After a massive response to the tyFlow Basecamp, I disappeared for 3 months to build something bigger & more in-depth. Expand your knowledge of 3D simulations & particle effects with 55+ new lessons, including a huge chapter on tyActors (generate crowds, animated characters, & ragdolls, combine multiple animations, blow them away with an explosion, destroy or catch them with ropes…), VDBs (generating volumes from objects & particles),  custom properties (use custom floats, color particles by size, speed, age…), use textures to drive simulation behavior, generate & influence particles based on Phoenix liquid & smoke simulations, and go deeper on all major operators, including cloth simulations, comprehensive overview of the powerful Set Target operator (hang objects on ropes or connect actors with strings), new CUDA accelerated particle binds, splines, tearing, inflating, and so much more.  This course is packed, but don’t worry – everything is made in the same beginner-friendlyto-the-point, step-by-step teaching style (with ALL project files included!) you’re used to from me, and all of the new concepts will be crystal clear by the time you’re done with the course.
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“Jesse is a great teacher who makes concise training that doesn’t waste your time. There is a lot of content inside the courses and I really appreciated that all the project files were included. I worked for 2 days on a simulation, then got his course and was able to get results quickly!”

 –  Logan McNay, Director & 3D Artist

Learn From a Variety of New Setups Covering Every Major tyFlow Feature

VDBs, Actors, Custom Properties, tyMesher, tySlicer, Cloth Sims, Tearing, Inflation, Phoenix FD everything, Particle Binds, …it’s all here. All of the below examples were created to cover as wide a spectrum of skills as possible.

Cloth Peeling (loosely inspired by Asus Laptop Ads)

Use textures to control particle behavior, color by custom properties (inspired by Samsung OLED TV commercial)

Create this popular effect of soft bodies inflating as the sneaker hits ground (Inspired by Adidas Cloud Foam ads)

Particles Generated & Influenced by Phoenix FD Simulations (inspired by Samsung Galaxy S21 Launch Trailer)

VDB grow / subtract / fill / cut volumes with particles

Create strings between objects with particle binds

tyflow particle binds cuda cloth

CUDA particle binds – create thousands of strands of hair / fur and influence with forces, color with a gradient map

tyflow growth

Organic Growth – fills objects and is colored by age with custom properties

tyflow explosion

Activate & affect ragdolls with Phoenix forces (e.g. blow away with explosion)

tyflow ropes actors helicopter

Combine multiple Biped Animations (meaning they can run, jump, then turn into ragdolls & get attached to a rope). And yes, I’ll show you how to do the lighting & rendering too instead of leaving you at a clay viewport preview 😉

tyflow tyactors

Turn actors into cloth or PhysX objects / Inflate or destroy them

tyflow crowd simulation

Turn animated actors into PhysX ragdolls, triggered by other events in the scene (such as a truck wiping them out)

tyflow balloons

Confidently use Set Target, Link to Target, & many other operators to connect actors together with ropes, then attach cuda cloth balloons to those ropes. A funny yet effective exercise in understanding tyFlow on a deeper level.

tyflow tyactors crowd simulation

Combine several character animations and trigger them by conditions (they jump if there’s an obstacle then transition back to running etc. ) Blend between animations for smooth transitions.

Create a crowd of zombies climbing up a tower. They turn into ragdolls upon reaching the top & fall back down, hitting their fellow zombie friends along the way. Bind Pose Matching makes them move around even after they hit the ground.

tyflow phoenix fd liquid color by speed

Liquid color by velocity with Phoenix & tyFlow

tyflow hang object ropes

Hang objects on ropes, generate binds between surfaces, cut ropes with tySlicer

tyflow explosion voxels

Use Phoenix FD sim data to color tyFlow particles.

tyflow reveal 3ds max

Detailed object reveals

tyflow cloth tearing

Phoenix FD Cloth tearing

tyflow set target balloons vdb packing

Use the VDB Sphere packing feature, Set target & connect with strings

tyflow particle physics texture

Use textures to control the look and behavior of particles

tyflow particles custom properties

Particle physics, scale & color based on conditions

Bonus example: Cloth Splitting

Bonus example: Metal net / cuda cloth

…and so much more

“I wouldn’t be where I am now without RedefineFX. The courses are top quality full of professional tips and tricks in bite sized videos that are assets for life. After learning from Jesse, I now know how to run simulations the right way to save time and maximize quality.”


 –  Yanis, 3D Artist at SportXDesigns CGI Studio

You’ll learn…a LOT

Chapter 01: Fundamentals

Particle Relationships (Parent, Sibling, Child)
CUDA Particle Binds & tySplines
Array Operator
Branch & Grow Operators
Spawn & Resample Operators
Neighbors Test
Particle Groups
Point Force Operator

Chapter 02: Custom Properties

Color by Scale, Age, Speed

Restore Previous State

Reveal Project

Scale by Texture & Proximity

Spline Paths Growth

Animated Textures

Space Colonization Growth / tyMesher

Chapter 03: Cloth Simulations & Particle Binds

Hanging Objects
Cloth Splitting
Cloth Tearing
Cloth Peeling
tySlicer & Particle Break Operator
Sneaker Impact Inflation Project
PhysX and Cloth Interaction
My Lighting & Rendering Setup

Chapter 04: VDB

VDB Introduction
Grow and Fill Object
Subtract with Particles
Grow with Particles
Sphere Packing
VDB Force Operator
Organic Growth Project
Turn VDB into tyFlow Particles
Influence volumes with forces (vortex, wind, etc.)
VDB Morphing

Chapter 05 : Phoenix FD

Fluid Force: Influence Particle

Birth Fluid / Phone Shockwave Project

Liquid Color by Velocity

Voxel Explosion

Fluid Properties Operator

Property Transfer Operator

tyFlow as Phoenix Emitter

Deepdive Thumbnail Artwork Project

Chapter 07: Set / Link / Move to target

Understanding Set Target: Comprehensive Overview
Link to Target
Move to Target
Head Strings Project
Catch Balloons Project

Chapter 08: Animated Characters & Crowd Simulations

tyActors Overview

Importing Mixamo Characters
Adding Materials & Smoothing Groups to Character Skins
Understanding Differences Between FBX & Biped Actors
Combining Multiple FBX Character Animations
Triggering Different Animations Based on Conditions
PhysX & FBX Actors Interaction
Turn Mixamo FBX Characters into Bipeds with Bones
PhysX Ragdolls & Ragdoll Bind Introduction
Truck Hit Project / Bind Pose Match
Phoenix FD Explosion Blows Away Crowd
Car Drift Project: Turn running actors into PhysX Objects & Destroy Them
Combine Multiple Biped Animations
Connecting Actors with Ropes
Attaching Balloons to Ropes & Making Balloons Cuda Cloths
Zombie Tower Attack (make’em climb!)
The Helicopter Project – Run, Jump, turn into Ragdolls & Connect to Helicopter with Ropes

40+ Unique tyFlow Project Files Included ($997 value)

I know what you’re thinking – $997 value sounds like a lot. But every single one of these project files can immediately be used on paid client work. All you have to do is open the file, import your client’s product model (or anything else), and run the simulation. No setup process. If someone were to hire my studio to setup all of these effects, I would charge upwards of $25,000. Included are project files for everything in the trailer and above images plus many additional project files to supplement the video lessons throughout the course. I’ve been told before that I should sell the project file separately, because they’re as valuable as the course itself. However, I’ve decided to include them with the course.

“tyFlow added a new dimension to my 3D work, and Jesse tackled explaining it with ease, in a clear & focused manner, leaving you able to bring your own ideas to life. I would recommend RedefineFX to anyone.”

– Martin Russell, 3D Artist & Managing Director at Assurgent Design

Oh the overwhelm of not knowing how to use all the tyFlow operators…

What I believe has made RedefineFX successful is that I’ve never forgotten how it feels to be a beginner at something & wishing for someone to just simplify it and explain it in plain language. Rage-smashing the keyboard because the simulation just won’t work? I’ve been there.
There are so many operators & it can be a lot to take in. To avoid overwhelm right at the beginning, we’ll start with a few simple exercises to cover the main pillars & then go into project based lessons later into the course.  While the effects in the trailer may seem intimidating to you right now, believe me that you’ll soon have the skills & confidence to not only replicate them, but exceed them.  Once you understand how this stuff works behind the scenes, making your 3D simulation ideas a reality will become infinitely easier. 

“Short, precise, and most importantly inspiring. Jesse’s training helped me understand how to setup simulations & bring my work to the next level.”

 – Andreas Mass, 3D Artist 

Enhance Your Portfolio & Reel with 3D Simulations & Dynamic Effects

tyflow explosion voxels
  • widely expand your knowledge of tyFlow & dive deep into a variety of new 3D simulation techniques
  • follow along with exciting project-based lessons (everything in the trailer is covered step by step + much more)
  • explore many new operators previously not covered inside the tyFlow Basecamp
  • Generate volumes with VDB operators, fill & reveal objects, use tyFlow particles to generate, or subtract from volumes
  • Use tyActors and Actor operators to create crowds of animated characters
  • Combine multiple biped animations & turn actors into PhysX ragdolls
  • Use Phoenix FD Liquid, Smoke, and Fire simulations to generate & influence tyFlow particles
  • Color tyFlow Particles with Phoenix FD simulation data (temperature of fire, speed of liquid)
  • Setup Custom Properties to influence particle behavior (change color by speed, age, size etc.)
  • Go beyond the basics of CUDA-accelerated cloth simulations, cloth tearing  & cloth inflation
  • Create thousands of ropes with the new CCCS particle binds & influence them with forces. Use ropes to hang objects
  • Understand how to use often overlooked (yet so powerful) operators such as Branch, Resample, Point Force, Fuse, Property Transfer, Set Target, and more
  • Most importantly: Learn how to combine operators to create unique effects


  • you have a basic knowledge of tyFlow (perhaps you’ve taken the Basecamp) and want to go deeper
  • you’re a 3D artist looking to redefine your skillset & attract better projects / premium clients
  • you’re fascinated by 3D simulations & you’re ready to have a blast making cool stuff
  • you want to stand out on social media with #satisfying simulations
  • you want to speed up the learning process & take the shortcut to actual results
tyflow particle binds cuda cloth

Noticed by Tyson Ibele (Creator of tyFlow)

Reaction to the Deepdive from Russell Boebert – A long-time VFX artist at FuseFX in New York, working on a variety of TV shows, commercials, and films

Noticed by Chaos (Creators of V-Ray & Phoenix)

Noticed by CGPress

What Our Students Say? 

Just ONE Paid Project is enough to pay for this course 5-25x over

Let me help you with the math. 5 times over is a $2000 project – that’s COMPLETELY doable. Now 25x over is $10,000 – I know this number may seem astronomical to you, but getting paid this much per project as a freelancer is not uncommon. I’m telling you this mainly to inspire you for what’s possible out there for you. There is nothing like this course anywhere on the internet & I want everyone who takes action to be able to experience what I believe is the best RedefineFX course to-date. This is the most value-dense course I’ve ever made and it’s an absolute no-brainer investment for anyone serious about redefining themselves & taking their 3D work to an entirely new level.

Enroll in tyFlow Deepdive for one-time payment of only $397 an get instant access to the entire course & all project files

  • 55+ Total Videos
  • 35+ FX Setups Covered
  • 8 Chapters Digging Deeper into ALL Main tyFlow Features & Many Operators 
  •  Custom Properties, VDBs, Set Target, Cloth Sims, Particle Binds, Phoenix FD everything, and so much more
  • Huge Chapter & 20+ videos on just tyActors (Animated Characters & PhysX Ragdolls)
  • All Project Files Included ($997 value)
  • Learn from a Chaos Group Authorized Instructor
  • Lifetime Access
  • Instant Access to The Entire Course (No waiting for “terms” or “weeks”) 
  • Same to-the-point teaching style you’re used to from my tutorials & other courses


Make the small investment into advancing your 3D career

Got questions?

Do I need to take the Basecamp before Deepdive?

While the Deepdive is still a beginner-friendly course, unlike the tyFlow Basecamp, it is not made for absolute beginners. It’s recommended that you’re familiar with tyFlow prior to taking the Deepdive, as I won’t be spending extra time covering the absolute fundamentals. If you’re a newbie to tyFlow, the Basecamp is a great place to start before taking the Deepdive.

While there is a small amount of overlap between the 2 courses, the Deepdive is a natural continuation of the Basecamp & covers a ton of new operators and techniques that didn’t make it into the Basecamp at all (including a huge chapter on tyActors, VDB, custom properties, Set Target and much more) and is a direct jump into the action right form the start.

Do I need tyFlow Pro to follow this course?

You can follow the entire course with the free last available tyFlow BETA. You can also follow majority of the course with the newest tyFlow Free, with exception of CUDA cloth, as CUDA-acceleration is only enabled inside tyFlow Pro.

What other software do I need?

3Ds Max (free trial available) is necessary. Several effects rely on Chaos Phoenix (free trial available). Vray (free trial available) is recommended since that’s what I’ll be using, however you can render tyFlow with other render engines also. We’re using After Effects for some simple compositing and color correction.

We’ll be using characters from Mixamo for the tyActor lessons (free with your Adobe subscription). If you don’t have that, no worries – any .FBX or Biped human character from the web will do just fine. The default 3Ds Max biped is included inside the project files to get you going.

When does the course start and finish?

This is a completely self-paced online course. I’ve made the lessons bite-sized so you can make progress every day without feeling overwhelmed.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

What PC do I need for this?

You don’t need a high-end PC to follow along with the course. A standard quad core machine with at least 16GB ram will be sufficient. For CUDA accelerated simulations, 1070 GTX or higher is recommended.

Are the project files included?

Yes. All of the project files are included so you can just open the file and look at my settings if at any point you’re stuck. Or you can just straight up use them for commercial work. All good with me.

Do I get a Certificate?

Yes! Upon completion of all lessons, you will automatically receive a unique Certificate of Completion.

“RedefineFX is doing an amazing job bringing tyFlow to the masses”


– Tyson Ibele, Creator of tyFlow