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tyFlow CUDA Cloth Crash Course

Level up your reel, portfolio, or Instagram feed with this new (and completely free!) tyFlow training

  • 11 video lessons
  • Impress your clients with 3D simulations and charge more
  • Covers many popular cloth FX (inspired by Nike Air Max & Adidas Cloud Foam commercials)
  • Inflation, Tearing, Slicing
  • Strings / Ropes with CUDA Particle Binds
  • Adding Forces (Attract / Shockwaves / Vortex / Turbulence)
  • Soft Bodies / Curtains / Flag (Ship sails) setup and much more
  • Bite-sized, step-by-step teaching style you’re used to from my tutorials 😉

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What’s included…

Selective Activation

 Cloth Attraction

 CUDA Splines

 CUDA Ropes

Cloth Tearing

Plastic Wrap


 CUDA Strings

 Twisting Cloth

Soft Bodies

 Simple Curtain Setup

Flag & Cloth Aerodynamics Force

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Meet Your Instructor

Jesse Pitela is an experienced 3D animation instructor & course creator. With 7+ flagship courses, 100+ quality tutorials, and 40,000+ YouTube subscribers, his RedefineFX online training platform has helped thousands of students refine their portfolios and reels with high-end visuals, attract premium clientele, and advance their 3D animation career.

As a freelancer, he has worked on projects for 120+ clients worldwide, including LA-based VFX studios and global brands such as Western Digital, Cristiano Ronaldo’s ROC, Shutterstock, Snapchat, and many others. He’s an officially licensed Chaos Phoenix Instructor and an award-winning 3D artist. His work has been showcased by every major computer-graphics website in the world, including CGSociety. He’s a huge fan of the Dodge Hellcat & TV show Survivor.

“The tutorials & courses from RedefineFX are always top quality material.”

 – Eloi Andaluz Fullà, FX Artist at ScanlineVFX, Montreal & Creator of 3Ds Max News