Niagara Fluids Beginner Crash Course by RedefineFX

Create Rad VFX Simulations in Unreal Engine 5.3

Join tens of thousands of VFX artists who have downloaded a free resource from RedefineFX. Take the shortcut & learn Niagara fast.

The training includes 12 total videos and 4 complete FX setups. Free for a limited time. 

As seen in Unreal Engine’s Community Spotlight & Featured by 80 Level

Force Field

Cryogenic Smoke


Energy Blast


Magical Burst

Want to make sure this course is “worth it” before you download?

Here’s everything that’s inside:

VIDEO 01: Introduction to Niagara for Absolute Beginners

VIDEO 02: Introduction to Niagara Fluids

VIDEO 03: Cryogenic Smoke

VIDEO 04: Energy Blast Part 1

VIDEO 05: Energy Blast Part 2

VIDEO 06: Flamethrower

VIDEO 07: Magical Burst Charging Particles

VIDEO 08: Magical Burst Smoke Trails

VIDEO 09: Magical Burst Embers

VIDEO 10: Force Field Beam

VIDEO 11: Force Field Fire Sphere

VIDEO 12: Force Field Particles

BONUS #1: Smoke Portal 
BONUS #2: Colored Smoke & Skeletal Mesh
BONUS #3: Intro to FLIP Liquid Simulations

The course is meant to be watched in order as it gradually introduces more concepts, settings, and techniques with each new video building on top of the previous. Start off easy and build your skills through exciting project-based lessons. Walk away with finished FX you can immediately use inside your Unreal Engine level, post on Artstation, or add to your reel.

jesse pitela rookie awards

About Your Instructor

  • Featured in the Official Autodesk Media Entertainment Showreel 2023
  • Official Judge in The Rookie Awards 2023
  • Autodesk Excellence Award Winner 2022
  • First ever Chaos Phoenix Certified Instructor
  • Founder of RedefineFX teaching VFX to 50K+ subscribers
  • Autodesk AREA Member of the Month (2022)
  • Freelance 3D Artist (120+ clients served over 6 years, incl. Dell, Hershey, Western Digital, Symantec, Shutterstock…)
  • Started RedefineFX in 2018 out of pure frustration of being unable to find the kind of VFX training I wanted to see

“Jesse’s technical understanding, effortless presentation, and most importantly – results and a great eye have been impressive for a long time! Can’t go wrong with his material.”

 –  Hristo Velev, Founder & VFX Supervisor at Bottleship VFX

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“We highly recommend checking out Jesse’s free tutorial on setting up volumetric simulations in Unreal Engine.”

– Theodore McKenzie, Senior Editor, 80 Level