RedefineFX is an online 3D Animation educational platform, Chaos Group Authorized Training Center, Autodesk Excellence Award Winner, and a YouTube channel with 49K+ subscribers, teaching 3Ds Max & its plugins tyFlow, Phoenix, Vray, and others. Our tutorials are watched by world’s top CGI artists in Film, TV, & Commercials, as well as beginners just starting out in visual effects. Our courses have been purchased by globally-known VFX studios, including FuseFX, Crafty Apes, The Boundary, and many others. RedefineFX has been featured by every major CG website, including CGPress & 80Level. Founded by award-winning VFX artist & filmmaker Jesse Pitela in Los Angeles, California.

Get to production-level results faster

Hi, I’m Jesse and I started RedefineFX in 2018 simply because I couldn’t find the kind of VFX training I was looking for – something concise that shows you the entire process and at end of each lesson, you walk away with a finished result that you can immediately use to enhance your portfolio and attract more clients (rather than just an unfinished viewport preview of the effect).

Whether you’re in Archviz, Product Visualization, 3D Motion Design (High-End Commercials), or traditional VFX, there is an opportunity for you to add VFX to your work and take it to the next level. 


Jesse Pitela is an award-winning VFX artist, filmmaker, and online creator. He has worked on projects for 120+ clients worldwide, including VFX studios, creative agencies, and global brands, such as Dell, Hershey, and others. He’s a certified Chaos Phoenix Instructor, Winner of an Autodesk Excellence Award, AREA Member of the Month, and the creator of RedefineFX, sharing his expertise with 49K+ subscribers. He’s created over 100 free tutorials and 8 premium courses.  You can learn more about Jesse on his personal website.

  • Founder of RedefineFX teaching VFX to 49K+ subscribers
  • Autodesk Excellence Award Winner (2022)
  • First ever Chaos Phoenix Certified Instructor
  • Recent projects include: Dell, Hershey
  • Autodesk AREA Member of the Month (2022)
  • Freelance 3D Artist (120+ clients served over 6 years)
  • Winner of Cebas VFX Challenge (2016)
  • Jury Prize for Best Trailer Award – Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival 2016
  • Winner – Best Short Action Film – Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival 2016

Dell Delta V: Responsible for all FX simulations from 0:06 to 0:16 including water, smoke, & rocks

My best tactical advice & tips for freelance 3D artists