RedefineFX is an online visual effects educational platform

Let me take you on a journey of sharpening your skills, revamping your reel and taking a shortcut to a profitable career in 3D & VFX.

Founded in Los Angeles by Jesse Pitela

RedefineFX focuses on 3Ds Max and its plugins: Phoenix FD, tyFlow, Vray and others. 

RedefineFX's tutorials are amazingly useful, from both technical and artistic point of view

Hammer ChenV-Ray & Phoenix FD Technical Expert, Chaos Group

About Jesse Pitela

Jesse Pitela is a Los Angeles-based CGI studio owner, officially licensed Phoenix FD Instructor¬† & an award-winning VFX artist. His work has been showcased by every major computer-graphics website in the world, including CGSociety. He has extensive experience working with VFX studios such as Resistance VFX & his studio has created visuals for global clients such as Western Digital, Cristiano Ronaldo’s ROC, Shutterstock, Snapchat and others.