Learn How to Make Professional Product Visuals, Attract Premium Clients, & Charge $1,000-$5,000+ Per Project

Introducing the First Ever…

Freelance Product 3D Animation Masterclass by RedefineFX

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New Reel (All work from students in this course)

This course is the culmination of EVERYTHING I’ve learned about the craft of photorealistic product rendering, becoming a 6-figure freelancer & commanding $1000-$5,000+ per single 3D project. I’m giving it ALL away in this course, including my exact 3D animation techniques for creating high-end, eye-candy product visuals that bring RESULTS and that clients LOVE to pay for, as well as my EXACT marketing & SEO strategies. Let me take you by the hand as I show you exactly how you can turn any 3D model into a cinematic, high-end CGI commercial that you can confidently charge $1000-$5,000+ for. 

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Product Rendering is HUGE – But Nobody is Talking About It…

…Which is exactly why it’s such a massive opportunity! It started with Apple. Then Samsung and the other big players started catching on. Microsoft, HTC, Huawei, Sony, Razer…just go to their official YouTube channels if you don’t believe me and see for yourself. Nearly every single major product launch is entirely a 3D animation. And it’s not just phones and headphones anymore. It’s sunglasses, air conditioners, office chairs, bikes…you name it. Even socks and clothes. AND it’s also not just the big companies anymore either. Mid-size businesses and startups all want premium videos that look like those from Apple and Samsung. If you can offer them that level of quality for a much cheaper price than the big studios – well then you’re in business my friend. I’ve done this successfully for 4+ years and I’m giving away everything I’ve learned in this first-of-its-kind Masterclass. 

By Enrolling in This Course You Will

  • Go from rookie to a Professional level at creating high-end product visuals
  • Create a new reel that attracts high-paying, reputable studios, creative agencies, production companies & other clientele
  • Learn how to charge $1,000-$5,000 per project
  • Learn how to freelance like a PRO
  • Understand my exact marketing & search engine optimization strategies that have attracted a steady flow of clients my way
  • Get my exact tactics behind ranking in top 5 on Google & YouTube for keywords “product 3d animation” and “product rendering”
  • Get taught by someone who has worked with 100+ clients & successfully freelanced for 4+ years
  • Learn from a Chaos Group Certified Instructor
  • Learn how to create cinematic product commercials, not just individual renders and “spins”
  • Master lighting, animation, compositing, editing, music choice & bonus FX with tyFlow
  • Learn to manage an entire client project from concept stage all the way to final delivery
  • Break free from “Fiverr” low-level work and redefine yourself as a well-paid expert
  • Upgrade your skills above your competition

“When I stumbled upon RedefineFX it was like a dream come true. I could start implementing what I learned in my work immediately and was able to wow my friends and take client work to that next level like I wanted to.”

 –  Genesis Williams, 3D Artist


Be sure to read the image captions as each lesson covers a new skill

product rendering course

Photorealistic Studio Lighting

product rendering headphones

Extreme Product Close-Ups with Shallow Depth of Field and Multi-pass Compositing for Photorealistic Results

product 3d animation

Animating Exploded Views

How to Properly Render White Products on a White Background

How to Properly Render Black Products on a Black Background

Vray Sun Lighting & Shadow Reveals

Infinite Reflective Floor with ‘Vray Plane’

Creative Lighting Techniques with Vray Mesh Lights

Creating Mood with Vray Environment Fog

Using HDRIs for Realistic Outdoor Lighting


Product Environments: PhysX Spheres with tyFlow

Product Particle Reveal with tyFlow

Bonus: How to Render Animations FAST with Chaos Cloud

NEW BONUS LESSON: Adding ‘Tracked’ Motion Graphics in After Effects

In this bonus lesson I’ll show you how to use a script to export your 3Ds Max camera & other objects into After Effects to easily add motion graphics elements and text that move & rotate along with your 3D objects.

Additional Lessons Include:

  • Cinematic Concepts: Reveals
  • Cinematic Concepts: Movement
  • Cinematic Concepts: Mood
  • Cinematic Concepts: Angles
  • Cinematic Concepts: Contrast
  • How to Incorporate Storytelling into Your Product Commercials
  • Where I get my royalty free music
  • Stock resources I use to speed up my work & increase profitability
  • EXACTLY HOW I break down a 30s product commercial into manageable sub-projects that you can handle without getting overwhelmed
  • And MUCH more…

Bonus Course Included: How to Freelance ($200 value)

  • Establishing Your personal brand online
  • Exactly how I built my website to convert visitors into hot leads & eventually paying clients
  • Content marketing strategies I’ve successfully used for years to bring a steady flow of clients my way
  • How to GET OFF UPWORK and redefine yourself as a high-level expert
  • How to charge premium rates
  • How to make an effective reel that ACTUALLY attracts real, paying clients 
  • My exact, step-by-step client process from the very first email all the way to delivery (lessons learned, mistakes to avoid…)
  • How to handle client phone calls & not undervalue yourself!
  • How to be a good freelancer & hire and manage other freelancers effectively & profitably
  • My strategies (and warnings!) behind using Spec Work (Apple products and such) in your work
  • And much more!

Your work doesn’t speak for itself…the search engine does…

There’s a lot more that goes into attracting a steady flow of clients than just a shiny Instagram feed & a website with nothing but images on it. Learn my EXACT, step-by-step marketing techniques and tactics behind ranking on the 1st page of Google (very hard to do if you don’t know what you’re doing) and top 3 results on Youtube for competitive keywords like “product 3D animation” and “product rendering”. The marketing aspect of being a freelancer is even more important that the portfolio. Because having the best work only matters if someone can find it in the first place!

$5,000 Worth of Ready-to-Render Project Files Included!

Congrats, you’ve scrolled all the way down past the huge amount of projects & value packed into this course. I’ve successfully charged thousands of dollars for projects just like the ones above. And guess what – you get all of them with this course. Just open them up, import your client’s 3D model, apply materials and simply hit ‘Render’Yes, you can use these immediately on well-paid client work – totally fine with me! Many people have told me they have used my project files directly on commercial work. By enrolling in this course, you get instant access to all of these scenes. There’s nothing like this available anywhere else online.

High-Poly Product 3D Models Included ($150 value)

These 3D models were built exclusively for this course. They are not models that you can find on sites like Turbosquid. They’re also not any existing products. They’re entirely original designs & models WHICH MEANS you can use these in your own reel, your own portfolio & projects without ever having to worry about breaching someone’s copyright. They’re yours and yours forever.

product 3d animation

This Smartphone model is ridiculously detailed all the way down to the optical sensor inside the camera housing. Built out with complete inside parts – including the battery, screws, chip, camera lens assembly and a ton of other details. Fully textured & shaded with realistic Vray materials. Perfect to demonstrate exploded views and close-up details. Use freely in your reel.

product 3d animation

A highly detailed model of original RedefineFX headphones, including details like side buttons, leather detailing & a blue LED ring (I wish these existed in the real world!)

This is The Most Definitive

And Entirely Comprehensive

Product Visualization Course

There are so many opportunities

and so few people that can do

this type of work (well)

Level up your reel and portfolio, wow your clients with premium visuals & start charging more for your work today. The transformation you will go through as you take the course will give you the tools and confidence to set-up a variety of high-end product animations for your own reel, give you very cool stuff to post on Instagram, wow your friends and take your work to a whole new level.

  • Electronics commercials
  • Launch Trailers
  • Kickstarter Product Campaigns
  • Amazon & Shopify Product Videos
  • Tradeshow displays
  • Product Assembly Explainers
  • Luxury product videos (Premium Watches etc.)
  • Waterproof products
  • Prototype concept animations
  • Dustproof, shockproof, scratch & sweat-resistant products
  • Just think of the possibilities! There’s so much you can VISUALLY show with these skills

Now is the time to jump in

Product visualization is an amazing place to get started in 3D. Just a few videos into this course, you’ll have the skills to take any 3D model and turn it into a photorealistic rendering. That in itself is a skill worth hundreds of dollars in today’s freelance market. I’ve personally done hundreds of still image product renders & animations for everything ranging from cosmetics to smartphone cases and even drones and camera lenses. There’s so much work out there for those of you who make the investment to learn how to do this the right way. There’s a lot of competition out there for mediocre work, but by taking this course you will master multi-pass compositing, cinematic lighting and exciting exploded views that will elevate your work above your competition, allowing you to confidently command $1,000-$5,000+ per single 3D animation project. 

Enroll in Course for $297

50 total videos

21 Technical lessons

11 Cinematic Concept lessons

18 How to Freelance Bonus Lessons ($200 Value)

Project files included

3D models included ($150 value)



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“I randomly came across Jesse’s tutorials and immediately knew I could do the work based on what he was showing. His straight to the point/relevant explanations are easy to follow. The client was amazed by the results and has led to more projects and better portfolio material. Thanks Jesse!”

 –  Jimm Wagner, 3D Artist & RedefineFX Enrolled Student

Your Instructor

Jesse Pitela is a Chaos Group Authorized Instructor, a Los Angeles-based CGI studio owner & award-winning VFX artist. His work has been showcased by every major computer-graphics website in the world, including CGSociety and Autodesk. He has extensive experience working with established VFX studios such as Resistance VFX, Chariotdrive & Riotmaker & his studio has created visuals for global clientele including Cristiano Ronaldo’s ROC, Western Digital, Shutterstock, and many others.

What Jesse’s Clients Say About Him? 

Who am I to teach you about becoming a professional freelancer? Here are a few words from some of my clients:

Jesse’s work initially captured my attention on YouTube and I decided to reach out about creating a high-end animation for our prototype. I must say the final result was above and beyond what I expected. His level of professionalism & attention to detail matches the quality of his work. Everyone at the company loves the final video, and Jesse’s skills of water animation truly took it to another dimension. I can only highly recommend him.

– Mario Danek, CEO of Respira

“I work with dozens of vendors every year, and it takes a lot to impress me. Right off the bat, Jesse & his team blew me away with their response time, professionalism, flexibility, and ability to go above and beyond for the project. What would have taken weeks with anyone else was completed in a matter of days per our tight deadline.”

– Brandon Wong, CEO of Photobooth Supply

There’s not much more to say except “Jesse is awesome!”. Seriously, Jesse went above and beyond to execute the job I had in my head and came back with a killer 3D animation that blew my mind. The video was executed with precision and professionalism. I’d recommend Jesse to anyone looking for amazing 3D rendered animation work, he’s a real pro.

– Eron Broughton, CEO of BeachBox

A still image from 5 completely CGI commercials Jesse has created for Satechi, a San Diego based brand specializing in premium accessories for Apple products

product rendering

One of 50+ renders Jesse has created for Western Digital

Student Work & Reviews

Student Reel by GoodCG Works

This amazing student reel got over 10K views on YouTube in under 6 months & has been attracting many paying clients

Got questions?

In terms of difficulty, how does this compare to your other courses?

This is by far the most entry-level, beginner friendly course I’ve ever done. Pretty much even if you’re new to 3Ds Max, you’ll be able to follow along. However, it’s also the most practical course I’ve done & focuses on marketing yourself and freelancing as much as on the technical aspect.  It’s really 2 courses in 1. Product Animation + How to Freelance. In terms of difficulty, it would be followed by the Beginner Liquid course, then Big Water, Fire and finally tyFlow Destruction.

I'm completely new to all this, can I still follow?

YES! This course is made with beginners in mind. However, it’s important that you are familiar with 3Ds Max, you are aware of its main features & how to navigate the viewport. The rest I’ll teach you.

Does this course cover 3D modeling?

No, this not a 3D modeling course and we will not be making these models from scratch. HOWEVER, I added a 19-minute introduction to 3D modeling bonus lesson, so that you have the ability to make simple models (such as cosmetics bottles) and can perform simple modifications to your client’s models if needed.

What software do I need?

3Ds Max (free trial available) and Vray (free trial available) are necessary. I also highly recommend you get the Frischluft Depth of Field plugin for After Effects since that’s what I’ll be using for everything involving shallow depth of field. tyFlow (free) is optional if you want to follow along with the bonus FX lessons. We’re using After Effects for compositing and Video Copilot’s Optical Flares for some extra pop.

When does the course start and finish?

This is a completely self-paced online course. I’ve made the lessons bite-sized so you can make progress every day without feeling overwhelmed.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

What PC do I need for this?

You don’t need a high-end PC to follow along with the course. A standard quad core machine with at least 16GB ram will be sufficient. To render animations, you can use Chaos Cloud.

Are the project files included?

Yes. All of the project files are included so you can just open the file and look at my settings if at any point you’re stuck. Or you can just straight up use them for commercial work. All good with me.

Are the 3D models included?

The headphones, smartphone (with detailed internal parts for exploded views) and also the cosmetics bottles are included with the course.

Do I get a Certificate?

Yes! Upon completion of all lessons, you will automatically receive a unique Certificate of Completion.

Course Curriculum


How I got my first clients

Quick win studio lighting

The three important aspects of every product commercial

How to incorporate storytelling into your product commercials

The importance of REVEALS

Camera angles


Contrast & Mood

Where I get my music

Spec work (recommendations and warnings)

Using stock resources & shortcuts


Headphones studio render with multipass compositing, shallow DOF

Rendering Animations

Chaos Cloud

Vray materials

White on White

Black on Black

Infinite reflective floor

Mesh lights

Sun Lighting

Vray fog


Edge texture for breakdowns

Animating Light reveals

Animating exploded views

tyFlow PhysX Spheres

tyFlow Particle Reveal

Intro to 3D Modeling with 3Ds Max (student requested)

Adding “tracked” motion graphics in After Effects

iPhone SE Official Apple Render – Recreation with Vray

How to Avoid Banding in your After Effects exports

How to properly export .mp4 Instagram-ready video from After Effects


Establishing your brand

Building an effective reel that brings in PAID work

Building an effective website that turns visitors into clients

What content to post (definitely not loops of a ball going back and forth)

How to price your services

How to charge premium rates

How to be a good freelancer

How to GET OFF UPWORK forever

My entire client process

Hiring other freelancers – should you?

Handling Client phone calls and not undervaluing yourself

Responding to my real client inquiries

How to deal with difficult clients

How to get MORE clients

PC Hardware for Freelancing

Client asks for Discount (How to respond?)

My #1 Advice for new freelancers

…I’m talking PRACTICAL skills that will pay the bills. Freedom from the office job…

Of course working on AAA projects for major brands & studios may be your ultimate end goal. But what I’m trying to show you is that you don’t have to know how to make Optimus Prime turn into a truck to make a very nice living with your 3D skills. There’s a HUGE market out there of companies and clients willing to provide very nice budgets for skills that you might already have! The epiphany I had a few years ago was: “Oh my god, this is so simple & I’m making more money than I did at a VFX studio”. Literally, within 3 months of going freelance I was making $4,000/month. I couldn’t believe I didn’t have to get ready in the morning, drive to an office, sit there for 10 hours, drive back exhausted & unhappy. I was working on relatively easy projects from home making the same money I did at the studio!

Learn from someone who has actually successfully done this full time for 4+ years

There’s a big difference between doing this work in theory, and doing it in reality. Once you step outside of the imaginary door of your own portfolio, and begin talking with real clients, about real projects, for real money, you realize that having someone who ‘has been there done that’ guide you through the process is invaluable. If I could go back 4 years and have an actual professional who has walked the walk show me exactly what to do to avoid months of pain and frustration, for $297 (!!!) I wouldn’t have even blinked. It would have been a no-brainer purchase.

Enroll in Course for $297

Are You Ready to Attract Premium Clients & Make $1,000-$5,000/month? Let me guide you step by step. See you inside the course! - Jesse


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