Go from Beginner to Pro at Making High-End VFX

 Add 3D Simulations & Dynamic FX to Your Skillset and Become an Outstanding Artist

Torque: A tyFlow VFX Masterclass


Phoenix Beginner Liquid FX 2.0


tyFlow Advanced 3D Simulations


tyFlow Beginner 3D Simulations


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Redefine your skillset and offer your clients premium 3D visuals. Provide more value than your competition & start charging higher rates for your work. Our courses are watched by world’s top professional artists & leading studios in Architectural & Product Visualization, Feature Films, TV Shows, and Motion Design.

RedefineFX is doing an absolutely outstanding job teaching all aspects of Chaos Phoenix

Svetlin NikolovLead Phoenix Developer, Chaos

Jesse is doing an amazing job bringing tyFlow to the masses

Tyson IbeleCreator of tyFlow

RedefineFX is always pushing the limits of what tyFlow & Phoenix are capable of

ChaosCreators of V-Ray & Phoenix


Build an Epic VFX Shot from Start to Finish

Master the full process of creating a production-quality, showreel-ready VFX shot, from start to finish, including lighting & compositing.


Add Realistic Liquid Simulations to Your Work

Go from beginner to Pro at setting up beautiful & realistic liquid simulations with Chaos Phoenix. Learn how to create water splashes, melted chocolate, and even simulations with splash and foam. 


Wow Your Clients with Eye-Candy Particle Effects

Make your work stand out by adding eye-catching 3D simulations and particle FX to your work.

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33 tyFlow Tips & Tricks for Beginners

See for yourself if you enjoy my teaching style. Get a taste of the power of tyFlow with one of my most popular free tutorials. To continue learning the software from the ground up, see tyFlow Basecamp.


Download your FREE tyFlow Project File Megapack (20 Scenes)

Dig through my own project files to see how certain effects are put together. These are taken from my tutorials but I’ve also added a few new ones that are exclusive to this pack. Explore setups for particles, destruction, cloth, splines, growth FX, and much more.


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I’ve literally taken Jesse's project files, changed almost nothing, rendered them, comped them, and put them into movies. That’s unheard of.

Chris LeDouxFounder & CEO of Crafty Apes (the studio heavily uses 3Ds Max, tyFlow & Phoenix and has purchased all RedefineFX courses to-date)

Effective 3D Animation Training Focused on Tangible Results

Concise, fully edited, with a professional result at the end of each lesson
Project-based Learning

You walk away with completed FX shots at the end of our courses.

Step-by-Step Guidance

Created with beginners in mind, we show you the entire process.

To-the-point Lessons

Our lessons are professionally edited. All the fluff, pauses, and redundant “over-explaining” is cut out. 

Project Files Included

If at any point you find yourself stuck, you can always open the instructor’s project file and look at the original settings. 

Bite-sized content

Most of the individual lessons are between 10-20 minutes, allowing you to make progress every day without getting overwhelmed

Affordable prices!

High-level education at a fraction of college tuition

Lifetime Access

After you enroll, the course is yours forever. Period. Watch whenever, anywhere, till the end of time. 

Get 100% of the content, instantly.

Our courses are available in full upon purchase, so you don’t have to wait 3 months for another “term” to open. 

“I randomly came across Jesse’s tutorials and immediately knew I could do the work based on what he was showing. His straight to the point explanations are easy to follow. The client was amazed by the simulations and has led to more projects and better portfolio material.”

 – Jimm Wagner, Freelance 3D Artist

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